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(Design Input Record) Please fill out this form with your artwork / sketch and contact our factory or our representative nearest to your region for custom designed LCD /LCM. FAX: (852) 2499 5450
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Audio Calculator Instrument Timepiece
Toy Telecom PDA Others
Operation mode Display Condition Viewing Direction
TN positive / negative Reflective type 3 O'clock
HTN positive / negative Transflective type 6 O'clock
STN yellow green Transmissive type 9 O'clock
STN grey Others 12 O'clock
STN blue   Others
Length of Glass: Pitch of Terminal Electrodes:
Width of Front Glass: Glass Thickness:
Width of Rear Glass: Connector Pin Length:
Length of Viewing Area: Width between Pin Lines:
Width of Viewing Area:    
Graphic Type: * Dots Character Type: Character * Lines
Dot Size: * mm Character Font: * Dots
Dot Pitch: mm Character Pitch: * mm
Driving method
Static Driving voltage, Vop V
Multiplex Driving frequency Hz
duty bias Driving LSI
Front polarizer Rear polarizer
Attached type Attached type
Separated type Separated type
Normal Normal
Anti-Glare Anti-Glare
Anti-UV Anti-UV
Others Others
Enviromental conditions
Operation temperature range: C- C
Storage temperature range: C- C
COB TAB COG Chip On Film Zebra / Bezel
Pin FPC Heat Seal Chip On Flex Others
Length of Module: Length of Display Area:
Width of Module: Width of Display Area:
Length of Viewing Area: Pitch of Terminal Electrodes:
Width of Viewing Area: Module Thickness:
LED Others
EL Not applicable
Sample Mass production
Delivery date: Delivery date:
Quantity: pcs Quantity per month: pcs